FOXTRAP are an enticing recipe of indie, electronica, techno and a large dash of soaring, hypnotic female vocals. Their live shows take you on a winding journey, from ambient and smooth, to soaring ecstasy, to high energy infectious synth beats, pulsing bass and explosive crescendos. This is amplified by entrancing live visuals that engulf your senses and lull you into a trance. Leading lady Helen commands the stage, wearing ethereal outfits designed to enhance her mesmerising, seductive swaying, leaving the audience completely at the mercy of her haunting, climactic vocals.





Debut single Kontrol was championed by BBC Radio 1BBC 6 MusicAmazing Radio and received syncs with US shows ‘Girlfriends Guide To Divorce’ and ‘Unreal TV’. Their track Boxes recently featured on Amazon’s ’The Grand Tour’, and all 4 tracks from the EP featured in the top ten of ‘Fresh On The Net’ by BBC 6 Music DJ Tom Robinson. In 2017 they played 19 shows including a UK tour in support of their ‘Brother’ EP where they completely sold out of EPs and merchandise, and festivals such as Liverpool Sound CityTT FestivalMugstock Festival and Lindesfarne Festival. Previous years saw them perform at The Cavern ClubO2 AcademyMonarch Club in Berlin and 100 Club London. Currently signed with New York based Antifragile Music.